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Not Getting Clients

I am now 3 weeks old here but no clients yet, how patient should i be?

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Do you reply to buyers requests frequently?

How long is a piece of string?

I see that you had one client.

Be patient as long as it takes. It would be best to use your own profile pictures.

As a newcomer here I found that replying to buyers’ requests everyday can really pay off. But you have to be persistent. I spend at least 2 hours everyday finding appropriate buyers’ requests and composing offers but I really believe it will pay off eventually.

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I am here from 3 months and Zero order. Advertise your gigs on social media and send BR daily.This is what I am doing.

I now have 3 orders. Thank you everyone for your support and direction

Same situation here.


Where do I find buyers’ request?

I tried with what Fiver help told me but there are never any buyers’ requests.

How do we do that @nabz053

I also did not get any clients. I have good skills and expert in my field.

same here…how do i get???
HELP Please