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Not getting Continuos Orders Now


Can anyone help me in this issue … past weeks I was getting contious orders and I have done the work in time… As some electrical Power issue I couldn’t login two days… when I logged in Impression and views etc are down…now not getting an order also… can anyone suggest me how to get back in form like before… Am new to fiverr… please help me how to improve the impression and views and how to contact the Buyer before they contact us…

Thank you Fiverr and member in advance


Just keep advertising your gig and be patient. Your customers will come back. Try advertising in the forums in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category.


Patience is the only remedy! till the pink colour blinks…


I Am waiting :frowning:


I Am waiting for that :frowning:


Don’t make a stink, wait for the pink.


It goes up and down. A lot. That’s how it is.


Yes, we are used to that, but this time it seems to take a very long time to come back to normal despite all efforts to update gigs.