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Not getting emails from Fiverr (gmail)


Sorry if this isn’t the most appropriate section for this, but I just wanted to see if anyone else is not getting emails about messages, orders, updates on order pages, etc. I’m currently using gmail and I haven’t been getting email notices, despite a new order rolling in, messages being sent, and updates made on order pages.

This is pretty irregular for my account. Very rarely, I’ll not get an email about an order update or message, but I always get an email about new orders. Anyone else experiencing this?


Same here! I think it’s a temporary glitch! For the moment I am not able to see my inbox and notifications as well! However, I think it will be fixed soon!


Same here…


@emasonwrites: hey haven’t you activated IFTTT+Fiverr services? You need not wait for email for any updates. Activate recipes and you’ll receive SMS on your mobile for any update on order page or inbox or whatever you wish. Try that once.


Reply to @pjoee123: I like the idea of IFTTT+Fiverr, but I don’t want to get a text notification. I hardly like getting text messages from humans, much less from companies. I want a plain old email, that I can organize and store.