Not Getting Enough Clicks!


I have created a new gig on May but I am not getting enough clicks if I compare impression or my other gigs. Though I am marketing of my this gig more than other gigs. Any suggestions to improve it or getting more click?


Hey, This Logo design thing is very saturated in the website and getting people to order from you instead of one of the big guys is hard. So you gotta offer something. Either make it very cheap and offer allot at the begening so you could get some exposure and after a while when you have customers and all of that you could raise your pricing a little bit or offer extras with your gig.

Give more value than you’re getting especially now that you don’t have any base.


how many clicks are enough?


Exactly. I thought that same thing when I read the title/OP post.


Not specific exactly. I have got only 72 clicks till today from last 7 days. Which is really low.


Actually, 72 people seeing your gig photo in either Fiverr the search results, or your gig’s category listing, and choosing to click on that gig image – in the last 7 days – is NOT a bad thing. Nor is it low and insignificant. That’s actually pretty good for a new gig!

Remember, your gig is brand new as of May. Expecting immediate success isn’t a good idea.

My advice: I think you need to pull back on your unrealistically high expectations, and appreciate the great measurable results that you have already gained. It will take you weeks, months, maybe even years before your gig is a top gig here on Fiverr. Work hard; expect less.

Expecting to receive things that you cannot control is a good way to set yourself up for failure.


72 clicks means 72 buyers viewed your gig and decided not to buy it. So the question is “Why did they not buy your gig?”

  • price range is low enough
  • description could use some work, but it’s decent enough
  • portfolio has only 3 logos
  • you don’t offer 24h delivery

So here’s what you can try out

  • offer 24h delivery, if you don’t have a ton of clients you should be able to accommodate it
  • try offering source files at the beginning to get some reviews (it won’t add any extra work since you have the source files)
  • last but not least, add more logos to your portfolio, you surely have more examples (7 years of experience)

I hope this helps


Thanks for your suggestions. It is helpful.