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Not getting enough impression on my gig

What is the problem with my gig, I am not getting impressions on this gig.


Salam o Alikum, Brother,

Your GiG is very cool, except the title, the words ‘wordpress’ and ‘website’ creates a load, you may try ‘i will increase website speed’

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Define “enough.” It’s subjective and based on multiple factors.

Also, you’re offering an extremely competitive gig on Fiverr.

While getting high impressions can be valuable, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get sales.

Impressions just refers to people scanning over your gig’s thumbnail in the Fiverr gig search results. It doesn’t mean people will open your gig.

You can get few impressions, but orders if you’re providing something that has high demand but little competition. To improve your gig’s impressions, views and orders, you need to look at your competition.

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Thank you for your reply, Can you tell me how to get low competition and high demand gig ideas


Do more of social media promotions.

I’m sure you’ll get good impression, not only that, you could be lucky to get sales along side.

Thank you @curate2341

You’re very welcome. One thing I do is research off-Fiverr what people are looking for. Then enter related terms and filters in Fiverr sellers search and see how many gigs do that. If there are a lot, then I keep looking.

It’s a trial and error process, I’ve found.

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