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Not getting enough impressions or clicks? Let me help you!

So you clicked on this for tips correct?
Let me help you out.
So it seems your not getting enough impressions or clicks I presume?
Heres how you can fix that.

Usually when people search, they include key words in the search bar, allowing them to find specific gigs.
For example, if someone searched “Gaming High Qaulity Youtube Banner”.
It would show up the gigs that have those key words in there description or title.

So how do you do this you might ask?
Keep changing your gig title until you find the perfect one, that gets you more impressions than the last title.

How I know this works?
I used to get 10-15 impressions per day and 3 clicks per week.
Now I get 50-60 impressions per day and around 12 clicks per week.

(Description key words are also important as well)

Now onto the next subject

Not getting enough clicks?
Heres how to fix that:

Alright so, if you have a expertise in a gig, that has alot of competition. Your going to have to work ten times harder if you want to turn a viewer into a buyer.
In order for them to even lay your eyes on your gig. Your going to have to make a dazzling gig thumbnail. A thumbnail that can attract viewers to your gig. If you are still not getting any clicks and you ‘think’ your thumbnail is good, then it just isnt.
You have to make something the CUSTOMERS want to see. Otherwise no clicks

Anyways hoped this help
You can check out my gig if you need an extra example:
Reply for any questions


Thank you very much for