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Not getting enough orders after being a level 2 seller


I am a level 2 seller and completed 240+ orders. My gig on social media marketing was going well. Usually, I received 1-2 orders per week or after 2. But I don’t know what happened now? now suddenly I am not getting any new orders or even messages from clients. My stats are good as well. Instead of getting more and more orders with time, as I am a level 2 seller, my orders are decreasing. Is this normal or I have to do something about this. What can be the possible reason behind this?

Please guide, thanks in advance.


Same situation. I am level one seller. But recently I don’t recive any message form client

For how long you are not receiving any new message?

last 40 days , I am not get any message from clients but i am still trying to active on fiverr

Hope we get again order like previously

I am facing Same situation

Are you a level two seller as well?

yes, I am level 2 seller

It’s normal i think or maybe for the buyer’s secret review. Take it will be okay.