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Not getting enough sales Since joining the fiverr


I have been working on fiverr from feb 17 and I always tried to deliever my best to my Buyers and there are many who choose me again for their Jobs.The problem is I am never been regular in terms of getting orders form Buyers.I was getting 1 or 2 orders in a month 4 months ago but from past 4 months i hardly got 1 order and It was also from Repeat buyer. Looking for suggetions on how to improve my orders ratio.Your valuable suggetion will be appreciated. Thanks!


1- if your gig gets a lot of impressions but few clicks you should start working on it’s name and image or video to capture buyers attention
2- if it get many clicks but few orders you should start looking at your prices, services your offer and your gig description.
3- you can also use social media extensively to promote your gig.


To get plenty of sales
You need to promote your gig to social media.

There is no alternative if this


There are plenty of alternatives to this. Social media is not the only place to promote. Where are your target customers located? Go and promote there.


what are the alternatives?Can you please list down some.


What If I get negative review and my sales and Gig imprestions go down?What are the possible solutions for me to this situation?


Promoting your gig will do little to help you.

The decline in your sales coincided with a scathing review. You have rather a lot of reviews (20) to start over, but that 1-star review obviously killed you.

The only way to salvage this is to delete or pause the gig that caused the problem. Respond to the negative feedback in a way that doesn’t at all denigrate the buyer, but denies their plagiarism allegation credibly (don’t ask me how you’ll pull that off). Upgrade your best selling gig with a better image, more content and a lower price. Rope your friends into buying from you (only be mindful of Fiverr TOS in how you get them to do so). Once the bad review disappears from your profile page, it will stop impairing your sales.

Best of success to you.


There are plenty of alternatives, but you will have to research and discover which ones work best for you. Take some time to explore the options. An online search for “marketing ideas” should present you with many to start with. YOU need to do your own research. I am not going to do your work for you.

YOUR gigs. YOUR work. Do what you need to to build your success.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your valuable suggetions It means alot.I will definately work on this.