Not getting enough writing orders this season


i noticed that my sales dropped drastically for like two weeks now. i’m in the writing niche. does this have anything to do with the season or is generally affecting everybody on fiverr? please i need to know.


I’m also writing. I had a busy week up until this immediate past weekend, now a bit slower.


Another writer here. Around Thanksgiving, things slowed down, last Tuesday orders started coming in again, now I’ve got a bunch of pages to write.


Same… but it’s starting to pick up a little… Course, most of the orders are from repeat buyers and in bulk so it works out just fine.


I believe this has nothing to do with The Season, it’s the influx of new sellers into fiverr that usually affects the sellers sales, especially when you want new customers.

Ask the Featured and Top Rated sellers, and they will tell you that they make sales everyday without considering the season or time.

Another negative effect is the fiverr script which fluctuates the placement of your gigs and sometimes makes your gig to disappear from relevant pages (first page of High Rating, Recommended and New) once you’re not on the front page of these 3 pages, your sales will fall badly!

So, always make sure you edit your gig descriptions, tags and title every week just to make it new and continue to give it a unique outlook on the fiverr platform.

Hope this helps,

Going back to redesign my clients work,




Fiverr always does slow down this time of year, but usually not for another 2 weeks or so. My guess is the implementation of the fee for buyers with a combination of the fact that they seem to be so focused on posting xmas pictures on their websites and social networks that they aren’t focusing on bringing in traffic for this slower period.

Stay the course and keep pressing, just remember, Fiverr isn’t even being traded on the stock market yet! There is still a lot of growth to be had that hasn’t even been tapped into.

The TV commercial was great but haven’t seen it in a long time. Bring it back!! :slight_smile:



Thanks GraphicsPro360, i think you said it all.