Not getting even a single Order


it almost a month and still not a single order received. dont know how this gonna start. i have experience and i have skills but still no body is interested to try new seller.


Hi there!

Hope you don’t mind - I moved your thread to ‘improve my gig’ so you can get more help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a wee look at your gigs - I’m not a graphics expert in any way. You’ve got gig videos, now in most cases, gig videos work well, but I’m not sure about for your graphics based gigs? Could you change the thumbnail to show some of your examples?

Alternatively, change back to using a gig image and use the gig videos to promote your gigs on YT etc?


i am already marketing my gigs on youtube by uploading my gig videos. as you know i cannot upload more then 3 images in the gig gallery so, it is not possible to show all my work



As a beginning seller, the first months can be frustrating, as it can take a lot of time before you get your first order. Patience is key! And also sharing your gigs on your social platforms might give a boost to your sales.
I took a quick glance at your gigs and noticed that the markets you are offering your gigs in are quite saturated. This means it’s even harder to get your first order, as there are a lot of sellers doing the same thing as you do.

Some tips:
Try to add more examples to your portfolio for the logo gig.
Try to correct spelling errors in your article gig, as that is the thing that probably turns off any buyers looking for articles.

Good luck!


You can add a further 2 pdf files of images as well as 3 images and a video.

All I meant was that whiteboard videos possibly aren’t the best way to show off your logo work etc. at first glance. :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah there is a strong competition in the gigs i am offering.

i appreciate your suggestions. can you give me idea of any gig which i can offer along with these gigs?.

i am going to correct my gig as per your suggestions.

thank you very much


You know best what you can! Be sure that what you offer really is within your competences.
I don’t want to sound rude but, when you offer to write articles, but your English is not very good, you’ll have no chance of selling any of those gigs!