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Not getting first order. how can i get?

Hi…! I am new on fiverr, sending daily 10 requests but not getting any reply. How can i improve my GIG to get order. Need guideline


Hi there!
You need to follow some rules then you will get orders.

  1. Share your gig links on social media daily 10 to 20 times on top pages as comment or post, share links on groups.
  2. Must use real Photo and ID on your Fiverr profile for Buyer can understand you are right professional.
  3. Make a beautiful banner and video presentations for every gig, do not design like roadside poster, must be nice design needed.
    If need any Help visit my profile.

That’s spamming, and OP could get blocked on social media for doing that, or even get in trouble with Fiverr if someone reports them.


Thanks dear for the guideline. I will surely follow instructions.


Gig tag is most important to bring your gig in first page. So adjust those as useful way and it’s will help you to make more impressions and hopefully for 1st order also.


thanks @doorshadow
i will work on it.


I’m a newcomer too) Hi! And like you haven’t any order yet. You may promote yourself in your own profile in socials. So, you need to be very active. I’m started to be like that and waiting for result)


its really helpfull to you

I have never seen this kind of problem, from experience, My all students ( more than 200) with my this suggestion they are now getting order daily. Fiverr is verified Marketplace for that no social media block your gig links.


Thanks Brother!, Enjoy!..

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thank you sir.i agree this.


Thanks!..all the best…

They won’t block gig links as such, but if they spam other social media users (for example, Twitter even has a specific category for this type of spam, “uses the reply function to spam”) and other social media users report them, their accounts could get blocked.

No, and think about positive, if you can not avoid native thinking people can not trust to communicate for help, here many new users need help, they need suggestion not controversy, If you are an old seller you need to understand there need for they can keep hope to get work. If you want you can give them a good suggestion.

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Here’s a suggestion for new sellers: don’t spam social media. Marketing via social media is fine, if you know how to do it. Spam is not.

Maybe you don’t know about social media market ( SEO ) how much help Fiverr sellers, I don’t to talk with you, wast of my time. thanks!

thanks for your good advice

Thanks you too!..Keep good work.