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Not getting Fiverr Projects

Hello I’m new here
I’m working here since last 10 days
I have create 6gigs and right now I have not get a single project although I have upload videos. As time to time my gig IMPERSIONS, CLICKS AND VIEWS going slow and now it has gone freeze.

Please give me advice how can I increase my clicks, views and get projects.
You can see my gig on this link:

Hi, read this please. I wish this could be pinned to the top:

You need to improve your gig descriptions even if you hire someone to write them for you. Is there anything in your gig descriptions that will convince someone to buy them?
I don’t see that when I look at your gigs.

First of all, no seller is guaranteed to get sales just because they have gigs here on Fiverr. This is not a get-rich-quick site. You can post gigs, but it is up to buyers whether they like your gigs and want to purchase your services. Expecting success is not a good way to be successful. Working hard to make sure your gigs are presented well, promoted, and appealing to buyers is a more effective approach.

Second, you appear to have duplicate gigs. This is a big no-no on Fiverr. Each gig should be different, and offer a different gig, or a different creative approach to a unique service.

And finally, understand that logo design gigs are an extremely over-saturated market here on Fiverr. You’re going to have a VERY hard time obtaining steady sales for new logo or logo animation gigs because so many other sellers are offering the same thing. You might be very good at what you do, but you’re also a small fish in a very big ocean. To be successful with logo design gigs, you need to do something 100% different than everyone else to get noticed.

Understand how competition works, and find creative ways to be noticed, and seen as someone that buyers will want to work with. Just creating logo gigs is not going to get you noticed. Think outside the box, and don’t expect other people to make you successful. YOU need to do the work to be successful here on Fiverr. YOU need to take responsibility for your own gig success.

Find a way to become a bigger fish.

You can work with me


Thank you so much for this advise I will follow your tips and try to do more better but I want to ask 1 thing that my impression, clicks and views is not increasing and they have done freeze. My new gigs I have posted before 3 days had not get any click or view.
Could you conform why???

Don’t worry about what your impressions or clicks are. They are just numbers – numbers that can change or be inaccurate from time to time. Focus on your sales, THOSE are the stats that matter.

Sorry for disturb but just tell me 1 thing that if I don’t get any click or view, it means no one is view my gig so kindly tell me without view my gig how can anyone give me project

I have get your point I have correct some of my gig but my last 2 gig have zero views and click so that’s why I have getting tension
If you don’t mind please give me tips how can I promote my gig to buyer view my gig???

Yes there is a bug for most of us on that right now. It will soon be fixed.

So please tell me is there any to release from problem and how many time will spend to solve this problem???

There is a bug on the site so you do not show any impressions. This is wrong and will be fixed by fiverr soon.

So did you read this?

We all have to work on our gig descriptions. If they are not good no one will buy our gigs.

OK thank you for this guide