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Not getting gig views


hello. :blush:

I’m having trouble in getting views on my main gig. I became a level 2 seller yesterday but still no views. I remember when I was a new seller after completing the first order I got 10-15 views per day. so I quickly became a level 1 seller. and this problem started right after I became a level 1 seller. I thought that this problem will go away when I become level 2 seller. but still no difference. all other 40 orders from the custom offer that I sent on buyer request page. the gig has red down arrows. and I don’t have any bad feedback from buyers.


If you are getting orders from buyer’s requests don’t worry too much about it. Just keep doing what works to build up your business. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe you never promote your gig.
Sometimes without promting people are getting success if they can attract buyer with their gig design and offers.

So make sure you gig offer attracts them.

Otherwise you will get impression but not views


I promoted my gig yesterday. just realized that’s useless. keep getting views from outside of the Fiverr. no clicks not even impressions.


Even i sent this message to fiverr
they have replied the same
promote and promote


I promoted my gig 4days ago. got almost 11k views. after that again no views. 0.0.1 for last 3days.