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Not getting good requirement according to my skills

I just wanted to say that i am not getting the right buyer request according to my skills.
I have created 4 gig related to graphic and web design but then also the buyer requests i am getting are different.

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You lost me. Can you clarify?

Please read again i have edited.

You made it more horrible. Its a word soup. :confused:

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Please check . I hope you can understand now.

I noticed a HUGE increase in the amount of buyer requests (from actual buyers, not just sellers!) available to me when I edited my gig’s search tags. Maybe try updating yours? I checked out a couple top sellers in the Graphic UI category, and I noticed differences between each of them and yours. The downside, of course, is your gig will disappear for a little bit while Fiverr editors look it over, but that might do the trick for getting you more appropriate buyer requests.


Thankyou very much @the_possumist.

Can you tell me some helpful tag for me.

My profile is:-

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Well, I can’t recommend anything that would guarantee you see an improvement in the buyer request section, BUT to me (someone who has no clue about graphic UI design for apps or anything else), it would make sense to include the tags “android app” and “iOS app” rather than “graphic design” (too broad) and “mock up” (less related than the two suggestions). Beyond that, I really don’t know. Browse top-selling and level two gigs that are similar to yours, and see what their tags are. You can see them under the review section.

I hope that helps! Good luck :slightly_smiling_face: :four_leaf_clover:


Buyer requests are usually very broad. It can take a while for you to find the perfect request but be patient and you’ll find the perfect job for you.

If you have other skills in different areas of graphical design then set up a gig focussed around that skill. The more categories that your gig covers, the more buyer requests you will receive (and the more specific they’ll be for you).

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Thank you very much @the_possumist and @balacafa

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