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Not getting impression, views and clicks

I am a level 2 seller with 42 reviews. And doing buyer request on daily basis but not getting any click, click and impression. The gig is also active. I don’t no what happened with my gig.

If any one know about this issue then please tell me .

Please check my gig and tell whats wrong.



Hi,same happened with me level 1 seller over 175+ orders delivered.but last couple of days not getting any orders.

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Are you marketing and promoting your gig (anywhere other than social media)?


No sir i’m not marketing my gig any where.

Then maybe this is a good time to start doing that. Don’t expect your buyers to randomly find you, go out into the world and find them. If you want sales, you’re going to have to work for them.


Thanks for your Advise Sir :slight_smile:

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Try to create your portfolio on other platforms with links to your fiverr account. Showcase your work on places where designs are displayed. Wouldn’t hurt to create a video slideshow with your work and put it on youtube either.

I understand that 1 gig approach might be the best for you, and therefore you might need to make more outside effort for more exposure since you can’t or don’t want to offer more gigs.

Best of luck :+1:


Thanks a lot Sir, :slight_smile:

I think your gig and offers are nice … quite impressed with your reviews… there is no reason why you wont’ get any buyers eventually … :slightly_smiling_face:
all the best :+1:

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hi … don’t mind my asking it…
but in your reviews one buyer said you sent background material to him/her even before an order was placed…
how does one do that…
email ?

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i sent him/her in the the message before he Order.


sometimes it might help to present some more gigs. Potential customers should have the possibility to chose between different offers. This might lead to a higher conversation rate with your profile!

I wish you all the best for the future. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much…

Sorry to bother you again … but there is no attachment button when we are replying to the buyer … how is it actually done… do you mind elaborating…

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I think you need to share your gig social media for more impression and click.

ok … thanks ammara_gfx… you went into so much trouble to get a screenshot…
thanks again!

Just press two keys and minimized screen means zoom out your screen with the help of two keys Ctrl+ -zoom out on 80% not on 100% then you can get all these thing that you want .