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Not Getting impressions on my gig

I am using fiverr since long time as a seller and achieved a good success having completed more than 125 orders with the buyer rating of 4.9. Also I am a Level 2 seller. Before April’ 18, I was regularly receiving more than 5 new inquiries a day and average 5 to 7 orders in a month. But the starting of April’ 18 was came with some downfall for me. Even though I have re-achieved the position of Level 2 as a seller on 15th April '18, still my gig stop getting enough impressions and hence I also stop receiving the orders. My rating and customer feedback is still very healthy, but for an unknown reason, I am not getting enough impressions nor orders since last one and a half month. I tried to know the reason of the same myself and performed a search for my gig with my gig keywords (tags), and I was shocked to see that my gig listing was nowhere on any page of search results. I was even more shocked to see that when I performed a user search with my own user name, it does not show any user with this user name.
So I am asking for help if there is any resolution available for this issue. Please guide me what to do now, if somebody has a solution to this issue.


Same thing is happening with me
getting my impressions down and
not getting orders also. :frowning:worried about it

Same here mate!:persevere::persevere:

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Let’s try friend… I was a level 2 seller 6 moths ago… But now… no level… :slight_smile:

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no level means.??

not even level one.?

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hahahaaa yeah friend… but I have more than 400 4.8 ratings…

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Now I am searching fiverr alternatives.