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Not getting impressions

Why I am getting only 10s or 20s impressions a day ? Can anyone find the problem with my gigs ? (I had paused my gigs for a while)

Thanks in advance

The thumbnail of your gigs is not very attractive.
I know it’s a video but you can choose in the gig edit, wich moment of the video you want to use as a thumbnail.

and if you have paused your gigs, it takes up to 24h after a gig have been unpaused to find it again in the search results. it can be a reason

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For thumbnail, I can doubt on one of my 3 gigs. But are really the 2 other gig’s thumbnail not good ? Till now I felt pride on them :frowning: . And I had paused the gig for 6 months! And activated 2 weeks ago. Only I am getting 20 impressions a day .:cry:

For example:

can be replaced by something like this

There’s too much informations on your current thumbnail. it looks like to a web page with plenty of adds :slight_smile:
but it’s only my point of view

Is this really what you see as my thumbnails ? I’m now confused about public thumbnail view of my gig!
I have a different thumbnail for one of my gig as shown by you.(I have attached my thumbnail view )

. Can you please check in another browser and confirm ?

Share your gig in social media to get more impressions… wish you all the best :slight_smile:

The first one is…
The second one is the one I’m talking about
The third one can be ok. I think is too much for this one too but it can be ok

Thank you so much. Very soon will update gig 1 and thumbnails to make them more informative. And I am just praying to hit the impressions soon as the very first step, the impression is somehow not able to reach my gigs :frowning:

Sorry the only social media I can think is of Facebook. But I don’t have Facebook account :neutral_face: . Can you share on Facebook :relieved: ?

please anyone help me, about thumbnail, when I mobile app, then my selected thumbnail show,
when I use fiverr website, then my selected thumnail not show, please anyone help me

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