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Not getting messages / orders

Hello Fiverr Community,
My Gig Is on The First Page and Well Ranked But it is not getting Messages/ Orders.

Please What Can Be The Cause ?
I Need Your Solution Answer or Advice



I would highly recommend taking a look at the “Tips For Sellers” category in the Fiverr Forum! There’s a lot of good tips and info in there!


If you are on the first page, it suggests that for now at least the Fiverr algorithm is working in your favour. Are you getting many clicks? You say your gig (although you have several gigs) is ‘well ranked’ so I assume the answer is yes…

In which case there is likely to be something about your profile or gigs that buyers aren’t finding attractive. Gone are the days when I provide forensic feedback on gigs, but there are a couple of things that stand out as ‘difficult’.

Firstly, you capitalise every single word in every single sentence - completely ignoring the basic rules of grammar. It’s difficult to read and just odd for a native English reader.

Secondly, you use weird phrases like ‘Hello Unique Buyer’ and ‘Hello Esteem Buyer’ and ‘Sir’. Most people don’t fall for phrases like this, and personally I find them false.