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Not getting much impressions on my gig

I have done the keyword research yet I am still unable to rank my gig or get impressions. Can anyone guide me?

Hello Asad,

I Just saw your gig and It looks good and professional. But try to have around 2 images and a video. just keep in mind that orders and customers don’t just spawn. You need to have Patience. Anyways I have some tips that helped me.

  1. SEO Title

  2. A catchy thumbnail, This is very important because if you have a good looking, eye catching thumbnail. Buyers will click on your gig more and some even contact you if they are interested.

  3. Buyers request. Go to ‘More’ on the fiverr page and select buyers request. The more you fill in, the more you get. And the more chances you have for a buyer contacting you. Keep the description professional.

  4. Share your gig on social media. Yes, this is a basic thing but it can actually attract some customers and people if you have the right hastags and the right catchy thumbnail and description. You can share your gig on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook any social media. But don’t overshare or spam. Try to promote your gig twice a week on two different social media. Keep going every week and you will see results

I hope these little tips can help you a little bit, maybe even alot.

Kind Regards,
Dilan Delewi