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Not getting much of a work


I am a new seller here. I spent a month here and got 3 orders by biding on buyers request
from them only one have given me reviews .
So what should I do to atleast take my profile on the top in new sellers category So atleast there will be a chance of getting an order .


Your gigs will not be at the “top in new sellers category” unless they are brand new. New gigs are added at the top of new seller pages, and then move down the page as new seller gigs are created and added to that gig.

I know you’d like to be seen more, but here on Fiverr, you need to EARN that ability by being a respected seller, with great gigs, profitable services, on-time deliveries, and plenty of positive reviews. It helps to market and promote your gigs elsewhere as well, and in doing so, bring in your own traffic and customers.

Being a seller on on Fiverr is not easy, you will have to work hard for the right to be seen at the top of seller pages.


Thanks for yoir concern sir .


Oh, I’m not really concerned about your seller success, I was just offering you advice about how Fiverr works. It’s up to YOU to do what you need to build your own success. We’re not going to do that for you. Making you successful, with lots of sales and visibility isn’t our responsibility.

I hope you do find success, but you’re going to have to figure out how to achieve that on your own – through your own determined actions.


try to promote your gigs via social media ads