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Not Getting Much Orders for Facebook Like GIG ! Any Idea ? Anyone?

Since I’m not getting much orders from buyers, I made a video about my GIG as Fiverr says that a video can sell upto 220% more then other GIGS. Still my GIG is not even in the middle of RECOMMENDED where’s I completed 5 orders got all 5 stars and good reviews !!! And I noticed that few GIGS completed only 2 or 3 tasks and they are on the top !!! I don’t know it’s a bad luck or what

Is there anyway that I can move my GIG on top ?? I’m sharing my GIG link that includes the video. I need your feedback.

Any reason why your not using your huge network to drive traffic to your gig and generate loads of sales?

Reply to @kjblynx: But I can see few sellers who are Recommended by Fiverr and they done only 4/5 task. Where’s I completed 7 !!! Still I din see my GIG on Fiverr’s recommend list !! That’s weird. And people are still buying likes.

Good question. I guess those traffics are only for FB.

Could be any number of reasons. Though one of the main ones that keeps surfacing is that every time a buyer purchases one of these gigs they get in trouble on FB and that often results in them losing their account. Many buyers are starting to see services like the one you’re offering as a bit risky.

But I don’t use any bots for sure to provide traffic. This is why I provide only 1000 Likes !! The sad part what I found is, Few people are using bots and cheating with people and increasing their view by using some software that generates traffic to your GIG or something like that, they are getting much more orders !!!

Being honest with what you do, and get many orders don’t works any more I guess !!! SIGH !!

Telling your potential buyers about the source type of the likes would surely inspire more trust and would give you an advantage over many of your rivals. This would also make it easier for your buyers to verify that the likes they get are legit.

Reply to @mgjohn78: Well that’s true, but if I do that than buyers will rush to that source and that will be a disaster for sellers like me who works hours after hours to provide 1000 likes only and to earn few money from fiverr haha. I hope you you understand.

Reply to @junaed_mahfuz:

Ah the likes aren’t from your own source, though i didnt mean to mention the actual source, just the type!

I just assumed you used your own source where the most common legit way is a big site or community where you place tracking code on like buttons that shuts down after x amount of visitor clicks.

Reply to @mgjohn78: Umm…no…not even that. But the people likes on page actually getting likes also on their page or pics. So 99% profiles are real. The way you are talking about is bit lengthy and time consuming and with that way it’s not possible to provide 1000 likes in a day.

Gig is to risky

Reply to @junaed_mahfuz:

Would depend on how big the network is and how much traffic each site in your network has.

On the other hand with this type of link selling you could offer allot less than 1000 likes as you can guarantee and prove that the likes are legit. I bet selling 10-20 likes this way could have better results than reselling through a third party like seller site.

However you still wouldn’t be able to guarantee the buyers fb page won’t get penalized! The reason being even though fb terms might not apply to you as a seller but the buyer would still be breaking fbs terms by paying directly for likes outside of fb. I think this is the biggest issue with fb like gigs these days.

Another issue is that after fb started selling likes themselves they also made changes to fp page upgrade visibility. If you for example have a fb page with 100 likes from people who are genuinely interested in your fb page updates, only about 15% of your likers will see your updates on their wall. Then you buy 1000 likes where only a handful of likers are interested in what you post. Now 15% of 1100 see your posts on their wall so in reality before when you had just 100 genuinely interested likers you actually got more exposure.

Personally i spend less and less time on fb after each change they make related to pages.

All these things contribute to a decrease in sales for those of you who sell likes.

As a buyer I agree with the statement that many are scared, having been burned by the bots. I would recommend that you redo your profile description and add a good solid description about the benefits of organic likes. Likes have a place in an overall marketing plan when used properly. Give me a shout, I will buy a gig as long as it is truly organic work.

Reply to @mgjohn78: I agree with most of your points. It’s true that most of the likes we send just to look good on your page. So I never assure to my buyers to provide then “working” likes which means that the people are liking on that page will likes or comment on page posts.

But the method I usually use is not BOTS. So i try not to cross 1000 likes for a GIG. and Trust me it takes almost 20 min just to send 80+ likes !!! and a BOT can send 1000 likes in an hour.

Thanks for all your guidance. It really helped me a lot. Still you will find a lot of buyers are buying likes knowing the facts. Is just because it looks good to see few thousands likes on their page.

Reply to @markusmc: As I always said that, I can never assure someone that the likes I provide will comment and always will be active on your page. I believe no one can does that. Many people are buying likes just because it looks good to see and many people on FB likes a page just because there are many likes !!! I hope you understand.

If you are talking about ORGANIC likes, is means, people are liking a page for an exchange of like than yes I can assure you that for sure.

Reply to @biggz27: Well maybe, But since I joined here, I completed 7 tasks. And didn’t got any complain yet that they are having any trouble with their page.