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Not getting Much Orders

I am a level 2 seller .i was getting much orders .My rating is still same but i am not getting much orders .Can anybody help please ?

This happens to every seller from time to time. It’s probably just a natural dip in the market and will pick up again soon. If after a period of time, you still have nothing then try adjusting your tags or updating your gig to make it fresh. Whatever you do, just don’t panic!

There are plenty of gigs similar to your’s. They try to give chance to every one. I agree with you @nicktribedesign

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I’ve been experiencing the same this month. However, i discovered that updating my gigs a bit returned some of those sales back to me. The key is to slightly alter the services you offer, at times simply change the wording around a bit and do refresh your seo keywords because this will make your gig more visible. I’m only a level 1 and have much to learn, but through trial and error i have learned this much and hope it helps you too.

Great Thanks!

Same here :frowning: I’ve updated my gigs, but I still get fewer orders than before. My rating hasn’t changed.