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Not getting much views or orders on my gig

Hello everyone,
I am new to fiverr and working hard for getting my first order since last 2 months. Here is my Profile link. I wrote these gigs best i can but not getting much views or clicks on it.
Can anyone please help me about it.
Tips and feedback will appreciated.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Share your Gig on Social Media

you will need to do following steps in order to get orders

  • apply to buyers requests daily dont miss a single day
  • market your gigs on other platforms
  • share your gig on social media
  • keep learning keep improving

Hope this helps
Regards ,
Shubham Dahale

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  1. Upload gig with Nice thumbnail
  2. Give the proper title, tag description.
  3. Do SEO
  4. share social media (Like FB, G+, Tw etc)
  5. Make a video for the gig.
  6. apply to buyers request
  7. Share you gig on forum

thank you. It works…