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Not getting much work

After reaching level one, I am not getting reasonable number of design work.
What steps I am supposed to take to get the buyers attention?


You could try this:

or you could search the forum for UPYOUR - good luck! :sunny:


I’ve heard from one forum member that fiverr helps to a certain extent with impressions until you reach level 1 and after that, you are basically fully responsible for your success. Not sure if this is actually the case but I did notice the same issue as you do right now. Though, when I reached level 2 I started receiving even more and even more expensive orders, so I guess you just have to push through, be friendly and communicate towards the buyers you have, use buyers’ requests and follow @offlinehelpers advise :slight_smile:


Every business demand innovation whenever you sale has been stopped. Now you have to make new gigs and offer unique services.


Use buyer requests if you aren’t getting much attention directly to your gig. :+1:

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Try updating your gigs and profile. Share them around your social media as well, this always seems to help me!

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Use Buyer Requests to get some quick orders at first. Also share your gig regularly on social media to increase the SEO rate.
I hope this’ll help.

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tbh we are having a lot of traffic on fiverr now. a lot of freelancers are here now for work. so you have to be hard work and have patience in this way you will get better work don’t rush anything. at the start i am struggled a lot to get work but after the time going everything is going on the right path. some time i get 2 or more orders and some time 0 :joy: :joy:

never forget to use buyer requests.

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That sounds reasonable.

Great. Thanks for such a nice advice.

If it’s a high end gig I would maybe pay for advertising on Facebook or Instagram. Or join groups on Facebook and share your services there.

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Actually i was waiting for the order last 2-3 months.
In that time period I tried sending buyer requests regularly then some how I gave up.
A few days back I got an order from my first client.
So thought to seek advice.

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a pro tip with buyer requests is you have to be online after sending requests it will help you to get orders. in creating a request must remember these things.
1: readout the full request of buyer.
2: understand what he/she really wants.
3: you can do that work must submit your offer with to the point words.
4: offer some extras free as bonus like files etc.
5: use reasonable rates. or we can say cheap rates.
6: if request is having 10$ budget submit your offer with 5$ or 6$ it will help you to get buyer attraction.
7: build your portfolio


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