Not getting my first order since a month what should i do


hi iam very worried it seems fiverr is not for me i was on level 2 that due to my personal reasons i closed my account in which i was doing awesomely well as i was unable to manage that and wanted a new name too
now i started a new account but this account is not doing good i have not received my first order still its been a month but nothing happens


OP posted this just before 9 mins and now he is no more available on Fiverr… :dizzy_face:


Well, two things:

1.) You have more than one account. This is against the rules of Fiverr.

2). Why would you delete an account that “was doing awesomely well”, just to start over again at zero? This sounds like an extraordinarily foolish choice. You cannot expect that starting over will yield the same results as you earned the first time.

You’re right. Maybe Fiverr isn’t for you. Because, so far, you’ve made two very bad choices, and you’re complaining about the consequences.


first i have mentioned that i have closed my account means i do not have 2 accounts at time
secondly i closed my account which was doing awesome because my funding source was expired and there was no other option for me to run an account from where i can not withdraw my payments so i closed that and opened a new \

i believe you have not read my post clearly
thanks for your time but your comments are something that does not helps
Cheer bro


I think you should revisit the things you used to do on your old account. The strategies you used that made you reach 2nd level and perhaps your current gigs need to be changed and be optimized properly for them to be noticed.


@solo_pro - I understood your comments just fine.

And how does a “funding source expire”? And why would that require you to open a new account? Just change the funding source on the first account, or add more funding to your funding source. Problem solved.

You closed an account that was doing well. You didn’t need to close that account. However, now that you have, you have no reason to complain about not getting sales on the second account. You gave up a successful account for, what sounds like to me, entirely foolish reasons. And now you are expecting the same success with the new account. It doesn’t work that way.

You voluntarily chose to give up your success. Now you’re going to accept the lack of sales on the new account, and start over from the bottom. I recommend that you stop complaining about the consequences of your choice, and get busy working again. Success requires hard work. Are you planning to work hard to achieve new success, or are you expecting Fiverr to do the work for you?


@taverr He is still on Fiverr. There is a username glitch here and there that they are working on. It only happens when you copy a username from the forum and has something to do with people who have had to make new accounts after closing an old one, or changed email. His account is here:


This is something to be fixed though. :slight_smile:


@taverr As stated, [quote=“fonthaunt, post:7, topic:95050”]
There is a username glitch here and there that they are working on.
[/quote] Not sure what else to tell you.