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Not Getting My Kind of buyer Request


Hello, I am a Web Developer. Yesterday I publish my first gig about PSD TO HTML convert but i don’t see this kind of job in my buyer request. Here is my gig link


You are not alone. I am yet to see a request that matches any of my gigs. But I have still gotten direct orders from clients who found me via search. Most clients actually just search through the available gigs so you shouldn’t worry.


I’ve been on fiver since october 2016 I haven’t received a single order from a direct search. But glad that you have!


Try to think like a buyer - what would a buyer type in the search bar? e.g. a buyer would probably type something like, “good graphic designer” or just “graphic designer” Use such keywords in your gigs. I think that might help


ronhi85 would you mind if i will asked you to review my Gigs. whats wrong with them


I love your gig. I am sure you will get some orders soon. Just keep promoting and wait.

However, I wouldnt use a free video maker that adds a watermark. Maybe pay another fiverr to help you with an explainer video?