Not Getting new buyers. What is the problem in my gigs?


Hello, everyone, I am SEO expert and doing great in my works.All of my clients are satisfied with my work yet, but I am not able to get enough new buyers. So, suggest what am doing wrong and where?

Here are my profile & gigs:

Please suggest me what I can do to get more and new buyers?
Guide me!


Come on, man… You’ve written the following on your Fiverr bio:

“I am Professional SEO and Wordpress Expert with 2+ year of Experience. I can Boost your website Rank and Traffic… I have experience in SEO optimisation in all these years.”

You claim to have years of experience in marketing. You already know how to find and obtain more customers. So… use the skills that you already have, and go market yourself.

Businesses promote their services to find new customers. You’re going to need to do that too. Please stop complaining about the lack of customers, when you already know how to find them. :wink:


yeah you are right but there is a lot of difference in Google marketing and Fiverr marketing


No, there really isn’t. That’s just the lazy answer from someone who doesn’t want to do the hard work required to market and promote their services. :wink:


I am already promoting my services via FB, Twitter and other social media.


And are you friends with all of your customers? I think not. Social media marketing is pointless if the only people seeing your posts are your friends and relatives.

Your friends and relatives are not the people who will buy your services and make you successful.


that is why I told doing something wrong


thanks for reminding me!