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Not getting new message requests and can't see gig views, clicks etc

I’ve opened my account last december. And got first offer in march. Then each week I’ve got minimum 4-5 new messages requesting me to do his/her job. Then I felt overbooked and went offline for five days. When I back that week was also approximately same. I got 4-5 requests but less views. Two of my gigs were over 1.5 k impression. But this week I can’t see all my conversions, clicks views. And no one is knocking me. Can you guys tell me why it’s happening?

I wish I could.

I wish I was like the other 3 forum main active users that will either come here and tell you something proper or wont.

But I am not going to.

I will just tell you to read a little on forum, check new topics, read a little… search.

All answers are there.

@codermrhasan Did you delete your gigs and start over? You only had 6 orders, how were you overbooked?

same problem I am facing. I can’t find my gigs anywhere.

Thanks. Actually I got offer in messages. After doing his/her job I create offer. Each of my job was over $80-$150 and I got those offers in last two weeks. And facing this problem in this week.

Offers, yes, but actual paying completed orders?

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No, I’ve completed 2 orders in last week. And currently working on two projects. I will create custom offers for this two within 3 days.

I just want to know is it happening for fiverrs server updates? Or if it is my fault?

Can’t you see like 1000 other messages and topics on Fiverr that Fiverr is currently undergoing maintenance? They had bugs and they are making some adjustments in the code of the web page so all is currently expected to act abnormally


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Yes, but I just wanted to know if anyone facing the same problem like me. Because one of my gig was in fiverrs best selling gigs. Now it’s not in there. But it’s in first page of top 24 gigs. And I didn’t receive a single new messages. Thats why I thought it might be my fault because I went offline. Anyways thanks for your comments, stay safe.

And I can link you here maybe 50-100 topics and replies from past 48 hours of people saying they have the same problem/problems. Take care and stay safe!

Actually I am new in forum. I just signed in before this post. And I posted from my phone. That’s why I didn’t noticed those. Now I am in pc and yes you are right. all peoples are posting same things. :smile: :smile: