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Not getting new order since 25th April, whats your date?

Hello everyone,
I’m not getting any new order or message since 25th April, i’m just curious to know from which date you’re not getting any order or message from new clients.

I also lost all my gig rankings on same date and now my top 3 gigs are on last page on there respective keywords.

Let me know your experience below.


Promote your gigs as much as possible.
Try to login everyday and be active as much you can.

Try to maintain these for 7-14 days. Hope you will get orders regularly.


Thank you so much. I’ll go through with this promotion process soon.

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OK. But did you read her question or title of the topic??? Please???

She is clearly asking in the pure simple normal straight forward English language that we type our starting date when we stopped receiving messages and orders.

She is not asking anyone to recycle over and over the same things on how to get sales.

@designsology I can’t give you date since it won’t be relevant. I started selling in May 2020 and so far I had 11 orders, but that means nothing statistically because 5 of those orders were from the same buyer who was happy with my work and wanted more. So if I exclude him I had 2 orders total from unknow origin (aka I have no idea how they found me and picked me).


Honestly you’re very lucky!
i mean you started selling in month of may and got 11 orders in same month.

Usually many new sellers finds difficultly in getting orders when they are new in this platform.

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I joined a month ago in April, and today I have just received my 7th order, it isn’t that “rare” to be honest!


Yeah its true,
Me also started in May, still waiting for my first order.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Honestly, every order I got lately was a result of my cohesive and detailed response to Buyers’ request.
All buyers shared the same initial message back to me, that they received a lot of short unclear messages, and mine was “sticking out”.

I never imagined I would be offering my services on Fiverr. I usually get 1000-3000$ monthly minimum for the things I offer here at 5$ or 500$. But due to Covid the company I worked was closed and I had a lot of free time so I started “playing” on Fiverr with GIG creations and all.
And regardless of my true prices, I understand completely that if I put my actual price for logo or something, 1000$, and I have no reviews, no one is going to buy it. Even people who know me privately wouldn’t do it since they want proper invoices and paperwork and face to face meetings when that kind of money is involved.

But even though my price here is ridiculing, still I am professional. I am not going to give less quality work. It is my choice to put 500$ price tag on 3000$ item. I accepted that is what it has to be done to move up.


I think I got my last “new” clients in the first week of May. Since then, I kept receiving orders but they were all returning clients (luckily I have several). I did get new messages from unknown people though.

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New messages/orders stopped coming in since the 26th of April. All my gigs are down to the last page too. Few projects I’ve been working on since then are mostly from previous clients. I’ve tried all possible tweaking tips on my gigs but all to jo avail.

Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon!

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Same things happens with me, don’t know is this part of bug or anything else.


New messages/orders stopped coming in since the 25th of april,system crashed!nobody talks about this!does anyone know what this is about?

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No one knows when it will be fixed. Earnings are going down and down.

It’s been tough for me getting orders even from buyer’s request

Buyer request is not even giving me order from last 6 months. I think it is best for new sellers only.

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Anyone else who spent more than 1 year on fiverr face this issue?

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Had been a downward slope starting from mid march. In that period i had earned in $$$$ for that month. April went to $$$ and now in May only $ from new clients. The others have been from returning clients.

My data entry gig has been going back pages even while i was getting orders.

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I earn like max $20 a month here (often none at all) and have about 1% conversion rate from BRs. I’m terrible at this whole thing.

@designsology I am sorry to hear your issue. I am currently Facing the same issue of last two months. My gig was on the top of page and then suddenly moved to bottom. I did quality work, received 5 stars,delivered on time but nothing works. I did contact to Customer Support and discussed all the issue in detail and this was the response you may read.

Customer Support Response

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I am newbie here and all i wish to say is i hope things work out for you. Good luck

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