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Not getting new order since 25th April, whats your date?

Yeah i go through with your post, but how is it possible that in a single month such a huge number of seller complaining about ranking and orders?
its means there is something wrong with this site.

Let me take my example, my response rate is 1hr, order completion 100% delivered on time 100%, and most importantly the rating is 4.9 out of 5 , which is almost equivalent to perfect.

I can send proof that bad quality gigs are ranking more in better position and they are getting orders regularly.

Don’t know how there algorithm works in real.

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I realized that i’m receiving less messages in this month, i think that main problem is in the “Gigs analytics” you know there’s no info in this page, all are in N/A.

I think that our results will change, when they solve this problem in the “Gig page”… but the Fiverr is taking much time and don’t solved yet :confused:

Well honestly more than 15 day’s are gone for gig analytics issues, and more than 20 day’s are gone for ranking issues.

Still there is no update from fiverr that when everything will be fixed.

Yes @designsology I am agreed with you. Algorithm actually not look for factors like Order completion , response rate, on-time delivery, they look for other factors as well. Sadly, we can’t do anything . We can hope for the best. In my case the few sellers who has poor reviews and with no reviews are on the top and like me with 5.0 is on the bottom place. Try searching “Google Adsense” you will see result by yourself.

Another Sunday is gone, and we are standing on same issue which is actually started from 25th april.

Going to cross 1 month :sleepy:

Don’t worry. Keep sending buyer request which you think you can handle and have faith.

Honestly 70% buyer request comes fake, they just post the job and ending up by not ordering to anyone.

Yes i can understand. There are some sellers as well who just post request so others can visit their profile. This is bad. But still never give up. For Good days you have to fight with bad days.

My first order was delivered on the 29th of Nov, 2019 and ever since I have not got a new order! It’s really disturbing … but what can I do?

Do you check your Buyer Requests regularly? I’ve noticed you don’t have any reviews on your profile.

Well i have 183 reviews on my profile.