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Not getting new orders from one Month

Hi everyone! I am new on fiverr community .
I am a send level seller but from one moth i am not getting any new order. my gig impression and clicks goes down Please help me in getting new order.


Same problem In my gig 6 month no impression

Are You Sending Regular Requests ?

Take Help From Fiverr Promotion Page From Facebook :slight_smile:

Same conditions for me also, brother

Dont worry brother , please go patiently and concentrate on promote your gig , Gig SEO ,…do that consistently

no i did not send buyer request but i promote my gigs in facebook pages but no response.

yes i am doing it i change seo many times I change picture also.

I have also facing this same issues, but no improvement

same here. don’t know what to do

The algo has changed.

Check the fiverr 3.0 thread for the new metrics and try improving on them.