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Not getting order after 60 days

Hi I hope all peoples are fine I just create my fiverr account and start getting sales after 7-8 days but after 60-70 days I am not getting order what is the problem any suggestion please?


Same problem mate :pensive: , hope you get orders soon

I am facing the same problm!
But In this situation what you can do is getting orders from past customer(of course if you gave your best buyer will return) or from buyer request!
I took a gap for while and gig ranking isn’t like before…
Lets hope for the best:D
I hope the next evaluation will be better:)

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I mean, you have 2 orders in queue at the same time you asked this…

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Why not, instead of starting a whole new thread, read some of the many, many other threads with exactly the same question. Some already have good, useful advice from experienced people. Many also have stupid non-advice from lost-clueless people. The difference is usually very clear.


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@akib0079 wish you all the best

they are from old buyers

best of luck mate you will get them soon just be patient