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Not getting order after first 2 sales

I have completed 2 orders on fiverr. I don’t know how I got my 1st order but 2nd order was by Instagram marketing. Both order I got 5 star review and I am very sure that clients are really happy. In-fact the 1st order was a flyer design and the client wanted one more. I do extended the delivery time from 1 day to 2 days but did not charge any extra and then I actually competed the order in 1 day. Client paid me $5 + $10 tips. My 2nd order was a logo design. I completed the order in 3-4 hours and client paid me $10 + $5 tips. Then on the next day client wanted a black version of the same logo and I gave him without charging anything extra. So I think both of the clients are happy. My response time is also 1 hour ( Although I replied to my clients 1st massage in less then 10 minutes and rest the chat was in real time, no delay.)
I provided a good service but I am not getting any order from the past 5 days.
Anyone please help me.
Thanks in advance and sorry for the long description.
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By the way, I edited the gigs which were sold.

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You are looking for help to get orders so the correct category is Improve My Gig.

Suggest you put it back there, and add your Fiverr gig or profile link in your initial post as that is allowed in that category.

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Thank you sir. Actually it is my 1st post here so I did not understand.

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Omg, this is business! You are not going to get sales every day or week. In business, there’s always a fluctuation. Some weeks/months you will do amazing and some not so good. There is no “fixed” amount of orders that can be predicted or achieved!


Hello I can advise you to be patient and you will get more buyers.

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Actually there is a bug in counting views and impressions. So I thought its my problem. BTW you are saying that there is no problem in my account and I will get orders. Right?

Thanks a lot for the advise.

No one can say whether your going to get sales or not! But in my perspective, your profile looks good and neat, just give it some time.

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All the best for your future wotks :heart_eyes::clap: I hope you will get more and more order in future​:clap::clap::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::angry:

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