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Not getting order after level one



I am not getting order after getting level one badge. It has been 6 days but I didn’t got any order.

Please check my gig and let me know what I can do.
Please use this link


There are a couple of grammatical errors in your video


Think you just need to be patient! Many people are on vacation at the moment. Meanwhile read the forum for tips as there are many posts on this subject. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally agree with lloydsolutions, Patience, grasshopper! The orders will come. In the meantime, fine-tune your gig.


I am facing the same problem @pkansal
After getting level 1 badge, I have done only a single order. And it’s almost 6 days I have passed without a new order.


Don’t know what fiverr want from seller after giving badge. It was much better when I was not having any badge.