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Not getting order after update fiverr


I used to get order daily, but after update fiverr site my order got down unexpectedly. I have mentioned it to fiverr support but did not get any satisfactory answer. I know many sellers faced this problem So I want to know something from them how can I overcome this issue. Thanks, everyone.


Most of the sellers facing a drop in sales, I think mainly due to holiday season, my sales are also drastically dropped


Ohh. I also think so. Let’s see what happened next. Hope everything will be ok soon.


I experienced the same thing. I do not think it is related to the update. Most my gigs are academic related and its the holiday season so I guess it’s time to take a break as well. it will boost back after Jan, Hopefully.


Hahaha after Jan? Bro it’s a long season hopefully get some order today. Pray for me. Wish you happy fiverring


LOL Well depending on your gigs you can expect some sales really oon. Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you. Good day.


You guys have already got orders, I started selling gigs on fiverr a couple days ago but I can even find my gigs when I search for them! I have an e card gig, a sound effect/autotune gig and a gig where I SHIP you a personalized poem as as gift for a loved one. Whenever I search for them they don’t show up, and even when I search for my username it doesn’t show up. Could you guys please see if you can find my gigs, and if not what should I do!! Thanks!!


Hi don’t worry. If you are not in search you should contact support. They will solve your problem.


Many people are facing this but might not be a technical issue. But maybe your tags need to be refreshed.


It is not a good idea I think. My order got down because of the holiday. Now everything is going well. Thanks for your suggestion.


Well yes bro i just suggested you ups and downs are a part of business :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree with you, my friend.


Ok I will contact support thanks!