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Not getting order even my gig on frist page on search

if i search by this “convert psd to responsive website”

i am getting my gig on first page at 3rd position.

but not getting any proper response from client!

i am sending also buyer request but nothing much.

is this COVID19 effect ?

this is my gig link

any suggestion you are welcome


of course COVID19 for all business

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Just because buyers aren’t hiring you from the Buyers Request section does not mean that COVID-19 is as fault. Perhaps you aren’t appealing to the needs of the buyers in a way that inspires confidence in your services. Maybe those buyers have chosen to hire a different seller who can better match their needs. Perhaps you could write better offers.

There are always good reasons for why you don’t have orders. It is unwise to assume that everything is because of the current pandemic. If there are buyers posting requests, then clearly the pandemic isn’t stopping them from looking for skilled freelancers.


i am always trying to write better offer but yes u r right i must have been missing something which reason my offer not being accepted by buyers.

I have to figure that out
Thanks man for reply.

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