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Not getting order for the past 2 months


My gigs are performing well on fiverr about 3 months ago, suddenly my gig view just went down and I was not getting any order for the past 2 months.

Please give me your suggestions, you can check my account to see maybe I need any adjustment .

Thanks fiverrians


And what have you been doing to build your business, and market your services, in the last two months? Sitting back and waiting for things to happen is not going to result in sales. You need to take action to build your business.


Please I need your suggestions.


*use offer request option
and do some marketing to your
gigs in other social media

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Search “no orders” or “improve gigs” You will get many threads relation with your topic.And check the fiverr tips category .

Share your gigs to the proper market and work hard .Hope you will get more sales.


Thanks. I’m really thankful.


Have you read through the forum yet? There are thousands of great suggestions all over the place. Please take the time to learn how to build you business with the resources that are already out there. It is not our responsibility to tell you everything that you need to do, step-by-step. How you choose to build your business is your responsibility, and is generally best when matched to your target customers.

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Thanks, I’m really glad you help.