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Not getting order from starting

Hello forum members,
I have started selling on Fiverr from March 2020. I have posted 5 Gigs of many services. All those gigs have a good ranking. But I am not getting expected orders from any of them. I need suggestions from all of you.


My suggestion: Learn how to research, understand, and connect to your target market. If you haven’t had any sales, from five gigs, in over four months, then you aren’t doing any of these things. Fiverr is a place for serious freelancers who wish to make a job/career out of being independent businessmen/women. What actions are you taking to treat your gigs like a successful business?


Thanks for your suggestion.
I am trying to remain active all time using Fiverr app. Also I am posting my Gigs through researching and using effective keywords. Buyer requests also showing less.

Doing this is pointless, useless, and does not guarantee sales. Sitting around waiting for something to happen, is NOT how things happen.

This makes no sense. Researching your market, has nothing to do with spamming your gig links anywhere – not on social media, not in other forums, not anywhere. What do you know about your target customers? What do they like, dislike, and relate best to? Figuring these things out, is research. Do the research. Randomly posting your gig links is NOT research.

HOW are you “using effective keywords”? I just don’t feel as if you know what this means.

Then don’t focus on the buyer requests, and don’t expect that to be where your orders come from.


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Your gigs are in highly competitive fields.

If you type ‘SEO’ into the search box, 20,000+ results are returned.

If you type ‘data entry’ into search, 51,000+ results are shown.

So, between two of your gigs you are competing with 71,000+ other sellers. Are your gigs the strongest and most clearly written? Probably not.

A quick Google search also shows that the wording on at least a couple of your gigs has been widely used by other sellers on other platforms.

Please be original and don’t ‘borrow’ wording / sentences / entire paragraphs from other sellers.

The grammar mistakes that others have made are repeated on your own profile. People don’t like to see mistakes.