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Not getting order. Give me some tips

I’ve created gig for many months. But still, I didn’t get any order. I also got so few buyer requests in a day. I stay online 15+ hours in Fiverr. So what should I do now? :slightly_smiling_face: I am getting fed up.

Fiverr is very competitive, there are tons of sellers doing the same service. Most likely, they will just choose the best seller with the highest review with cheaper price. T
No offence, there are too many photoshop, image editor scammer, they just use online retouch platform to finish the work. So they won’t give the new seller ( no review) a try. Especially the graphic design and photoshop .

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Well, photoshop related gigs are abundant in this site. But I will take a guess and say your tags are not quite doing the job. How many views do you get on average?

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So it means, I need to change my sector ?

Right now, I couldn’t check because of fiverr bugs

Do what you have interest in and have experience on that area.

Thanks for your kind information

I will transparent png any photos, logo, crop and resize image in 3 hours
I would try a more simple title like> I will do photoshop editing in 3 hours

As for your tags, you have to think as a client.
I would use “photoshop editing” as one of my tags, for example.
Try to use broad ones, along your specific ones.

Research your market in fiverr, try to find good tags and I’m sure more people will find you.
Right now I tried looking for “Photoshop editing” gigs and the first one has these tags:

  • [photo retouching]
  • [photoshop]
  • [background removal]
  • [photoshopping]
  • [image editing]

Hope I explained myself.

Thanks Brother, I will fix those