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Not getting order in fiverr

Hello everyone,

created account on 2016 but not get a single order from fiverr… still facing same issue, can anyone help me to resolve thiss…

thank you
Atif qasin

bro your need gig marketing

please delete your acnt after that create a new acnt and marketing your gig

thanks everyone for reply…

Four out of 5 of your Gigs are basically the same thing - “I will create a web site …” What you need to do is consolidate your Gigs and add to the Basic Gig Extras for a more complicated website etc. No need for essentially the same Gig 4 times. Also, not sure why the other guy is telling you to delete your account and start over. Why? Just clean up the Gigs you are offering to explain exactly what it is you offer. Whether you delete the existing account and re do with a new name or whatever or you keep the existing Gigs and clean them up - you would still have to do some marketing as well as answer Buyers Requests if you are able to get them. So, why reinvent the wheel? Just use your existing account, but make it better.



You need to update your gig and must check your meta tag. Meta tag is the main option for ranking your gig. And one more think how is your gig impression and click view?

My suggestion is to delete your account and open a new account and start marketing to various social site. I think, in this way success will come in fiverr.