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Not Getting Order kindly check profile

Hello friend, i am not getting any single order kindly check my gigs what is wrong there i have update my gigs tags or images already kindly check and suggest me here is my profile link . thank you in advance

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Your video is full of grammar errors. That’s a major turnoff.


which one video ???/

I shouldn’t have to tell you. Take the initiative and check for yourself. If you want business, hire a proofreader before you publish things and work on your English.

If it doesn’t look like you care enough to ensure your public profile is professional, prospective buyers are going to think you won’t care about your work for them, either. If you want to be successful here, you have to take better care of your image. It’s basic courteousy to prospects, too.


In line with what @humanissocial noted, I do not recommend pinning your hopes on false advertising either. One of your videos says that you can provide a “top quality voice over”, yet the voice in that video is very clearly presented by digital text-to-voice audio. If you can provide a “top quality voice over”, why are you using a digital voice program?

That same video states that you also have “100% satisfied customers, with amazing reviews”. The gig that video is on has only FOUR reviews, from many months ago – hardly a strong selling point to match the “this is awesome” nature of your promotional video.

Another gig says that you will do the exact same thing in all three of your gig packages, only with one different descriptive word to describe how well you will do each of the same services. Plus, you have a different price for all three of the same exact services. This is misleading, non-descriptive, and probably causing potential buyers not to hire you.

It’s also worth noting that, while you do make this clear in your gig descriptions, you are using the same exact stock footage, music, video clips, etc that many other sellers here on Fiverr use. This does not make you look professional, nor does it make you stand out from your competition. Almost nothing within your gigs is original. This may actually be a big turnoff to potential buyers as well – just as it would be to me, if I was looking for someone who offers your services. If you have skills, show YOUR work, not cobbled together free content that everyone else uses.

I should also point out, you claim, “I am not getting any single order”. This is incorrect. You’ve gotten enough orders to have 18 reviews on your account. This is NOT “any single order”. You have gotten plenty of orders. Please do not misrepresent the truth to make yourself look needy. If you need more customers, go find them. Go connect to your target customers, and bring in your own orders. You should not be expecting Fiverr to provide you with your success.

You have some work to do if you want to stand out, be taken seriously, and earn more orders and success. I strongly encourage you to reassess how you present yourself. Buyers notice little things like false advertising, bad grammar, and exaggerated claims that are not supported by clearly evidenced facts. Avoid these things if you want to gain more buyers who trust you to be whom you claim to be.


Well said. Trust is earned and substantiated.

Also, repurposing things to make different gigs is not attractive or helpful to buyers.

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same problem some time to me. continue hard work improving your gigs portfolios sharing in social network will help