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Not getting order like it was on first starting


Why my gig is going down day by day. It was on the first page for some specific keywords but in recent time it is going down every some days. What is the wrong with my gig. I am not getting many order in recent time. But When I started, I got some works and worked well. I am upset in recent time.

My gig link:

Is there anyone who can help me regarding this issues?

Thanks in advance


There is a rumour that fiverr giving a “boost”’for new sellers for some time probably that’s why your gig was on the first page.

However all ranking depends on your gig and statistics of your account. If there is anyone else with better statisticsa than yours then they will be shown before you which automatically moves your gig further in search.


In my opinion, it might be GIG rotation, so that everyone (including new seller) gets a chance to receive order.

However, as @mariashtelle1 said, the ranking is also affected by your account statics.


I understand, can you give me any tips about this matter?


Just deliver great service and keep your statistics high.

There is no secret tip. Fiverr algorythm rotates gigs based on their overall statistics and there is no way to cheat this system


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