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Not getting order , Need suggestion from expert


Everyone, How are you? Hope fine. These days I am not getting the order. Keeping patience but little worried what happened? However is there any gig to get the order to help me?
Need expert suggestion.
Thanks in advance


Experts are not going to make you successful. YOU are going to make you successful – IF you are willing to do the work to earn your success. From what you wrote, if looks like you aren’t doing anything to become successful, and, instead, you’re just sitting back waiting for success to find you. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Are you taking the time to connect to your target customers? Are you showing them how you can be the seller who can solve their problems? Are you running ads? Are you interacting with the people who desperately need to hire you? Are you researching your customers to better understand their needs, and then developing your service to fulfill those needs?

You have two choices: One, do the above, and BUILD YOUR OWN SUCCESS. Or, two, sit back, and watch as everyone else builds theirs. Which seller do you want to be?


Absolutely right.
Thanks a lot.
I got the message what need to do.


Really to me, you don’t look for customers. If you utilize correct SEO gig titles, an image or video that easily tells buyers what you have to offer and an explanatory gig description. That could be all!
Also, try to promote your gigs on your social media platforms. I hope that works… Am open to learn too


I already did. Please re-read my previous comment.


When you get the answers…please share :smiley:


Thanks all who shared their valuable suggestion.


Thanks for the valuable pointers :slight_smile: