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Not getting order on fiverr

Not getting order on fiverr what is problem anyone like to help me i have posted video with my gig to get good orders but still not get anyone :frowning: ???

I read your profile and at the end you put,“I love to blogging” make sure your writing in a way that people can understand, other than that everything else looks good. Just give it time and you will start to get orders.

hey , everyone’s time comes my friend :slight_smile: wait you will also get order’s , have patience friend , it will take some time , but you will start getting order’s and you will start earning, just you have to wait :slight_smile:

Could also have something to do that you have 0% rating.

Reply to @michellll: how to i get ratings ?

Reply to @osman_shahbaz: Everyone starts off with 100% Excelent ratings… And when people rate your products in a bad way it will go down.