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Not getting order on regular basis after level One

Hi Fiverr community need a suggestion, I am a Level One seller. I was getting 2-3 orders regularly before level one, now not getting orders on a regular basis. clicks and impressions went down, not getting any organic order except a few in a week. a few clients came which want free samples before ordering what should I do?


Remember that the “Basic Level” pool of sellers and the “Level 1” pool of sellers are different ponds. You might have been a big fish previously, but you’re in a new area and need to work harder to stand out among people that have already proven themselves.

Don’t give out free work. It’s an investment that never pays off for freelancers. The only thing it does is devalue our collective efforts and sticks you with cheap clients.

Ask yourself - who needs what I do and has deep pockets to make it happen? The most obvious answer, to me, is ecommerce. Tons of people are setting up dropshipping stores and need background removal for product images from Aliexpress, etc. Maybe try marketing from that angle?

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I’d advice you go back to doing what you were doing to get you orders when you first joined. Like sending buyers requests and also changing somethings in your gig.


Thanks thatwordchick, for your wonderful suggestions. I will definitely try to sell my services differently

sure johnnydepth, will try my best. thanks for your advice.