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Not getting order since 2018

hello there is no order on my gig
and n/a on all gigs need help?

Hello there,

First of all, it’s not easy to get orders because there is alot of competition, so unless you put some effort, you are not going to get order, unless you are lucky enough that Fiverr advertises your gigs to the buyers.

Secondly, you should start advertising/sharing your gigs on social media, as well as sending offers in buyer requests (go to your Fiverr profile > look above and click on “More” > Buyer requests).

Thirdly, I checked your gigs, I can’t promise that your data entry and website customization gigs are bad or good but seemed fine to me, it’s not my field so I can’t really say much about it. But, your logo service gig is very poor (no offense). You need to update and use the right keywords and last but not least, the main thing, which is your gig images, they are the most important thing (including your other gigs as well). Your gig presentation (the images on your gig to show your work) is very poor, considering they are not even your designs, but taken from google after I searched. You should use your own designs rather than using some from google, meanwhile they are not even good designs to attract the buyer towards your service. If you really want people to buy your service, you must show them your work, not someone else’s, that too which are really in very poor quality, resolution and structure.

Therefore, improve your gigs by showing your own quality designs and remove those which are not even yours, because buyers are not going to trust you, neither your service(s) like this.

Well said.

And this is exactly what this community dosent need.

Please be real, fiverr is made for professionals not starters hoping to get their first job from fiver.

Thank you.