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Not getting order since 2019

I am a member since 2019. After getting 1st order yet I did not receive my 2nd one.


There has been a huge influx of new sellers over the past twelve months since COVID, which has added considerably more competition than there has been. Also, the market in which you are selling is highly saturated with a lot of people offering the exact same services that you are.

Try to make your gigs stand out, your images are not overly attractive, which won’t be helping. You also need tell your prospective customers why they should choose you over the many thousands of others who are offering this service. Show them with images of your work that showcase your skills rather than a boring garishly coloured cover image that doesn’t give a good impression of what you can do for them.


I created a new thread I hope we can get reply from Fiverr Staff

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Last Delivery: 1 year. Ouch.

As mentioned by JaneEditor, your gigs are ALL in hyper-competitive and over-saturated fields. Background removal, data entry, and SEO. For the background removal gig, samples to display the quality of your work would be helpful. You state 100% satisfaction and also offer unlimited revisions in two of your gigs, which are always a bad idea and should be revised.

Your profile tag “sensible hardworking and crazy for work” can come across as desperate, and you profile description once again includes 100% satisfaction and asks prospective buyers to trust you. Trust should never be asked, especially in business, but can be fostered and cemented through having a professional gig page, professional images/video, and professional-mannered interaction with a buyer.