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Not getting order since last one week


I am not getting the order for the last one week even though I am level one seller with all 5-star rating and send buyer request every day .please help me somone with valueable tricks to get order in fiverr .please help me anyone.


Are you marketing and promoting your gigs elsewhere – to the target customers who need your services?


Are you…responding with help to your own thread?


This is terrible advice. You’re hoping to randomly just toss things out into the world, and HOPE someone finds it and buys from you? This is why you don’t have customers – you’re not looking for the people who need your services. Random people will not buy from you. Your targeted customers will. Go find them and tell them about what you do.


People with multiple personalities have just as many rights as you do. In fact, some might say they have more :slight_smile:


But you’re sharing your tricks on your own thread?


Ummmmm…how do I say this…no. I was commenting on how you responded to your own thread seeming like an expert, when you asked for help in the first place from other community members. It’s the best roleplaying I’ve ever seen.


Actually it is a phenomenon called larsen comment.


Honestly, I want him to teach me his ways.


You will end not getting order since last one week.


My thoughts: He’s just looking for attention. He, alas, has no idea how Fiverr works, and he seems to be looking for other people to provide him with the the “secrets to success” that will make him an overnight millionaire (without any work on his end). :wink:


Jon, well you know people always look to you for the secret sauce. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was looking at online courses through my local community college. There was one on promoting your business. Maybe that would help the OP? :thinking:


That’s true. I am the “Keeper of the Sauce.” Although, the mods prefer to call me “The Flashlight”. :wink: