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Not getting orders after completing 25 order

My name is waqas and Iam on fiverr from last few months. I was getting order every 2nd or 3rd day but after completing 25 orders i didn’t recieve any order from last 2 months. Can someone help me to get rid of this?
My impressions and clicks are not increasing they less than 100 on every gig. I tried my best to share my gigs edit gigs and many more things but found nothing.
Please check my profile here
and Please give me some suggestions to improve my gigs I will be very thankful to you.

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I’m not an expert, but here is what I would do:

  • Log out from Fiverr and try to find your own gigs.

If you manage to find your gigs, it means they are listed, but ppl canćt reach them (keywords, tags, check that stuff, optimize). Check if they are active (not paused). Check if you accidentally turned on vacation mode.

If nothing listed above helps, hope that someone else who knows what’s happening will see this thread :slight_smile:


Thank you.But i already tried all these things :pensive:

Hi, a few things I noticed…

You have a lot of errors in your profile. You should hire a proofreader.
Your description needs a lot of work.
Your tagline is a bit strange. How do you exactly want to catch someones attention with this?
“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”.
I as a buyer wouldn’t exactly be thrilled.
Try adding more samples to your gigs.

Maybe you want to create a PDF as suggested here :arrow_down:

You can also try a video for your website gig. Do you have any websites you created which you are allowed to showcase?

As always, try taking advantage of your daily buyer requests.
Good luck :wink:


Thank you annai. :slight_smile:

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Hi. Can you please Check my profile and web designing gig now?

Hi Waqas, I think you have to change the front gallery pictures And reduce the rates of your Gig…

Use buyer request option to send request to buyer on daily basis you can send 10 request per day means 10 chances to get order. Take only one gig and make 100+ reviews on it and then start working on other this way they are start gonna rank and then will give you good orders on daily basis.

You still have mistakes in your profile and gig description. I like your tagline so much better now. Still not enough work samples. You have to showcase your talent.

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I disagree with this. You have to find the sweet spot here. If you have various talents and abilities there is nothing wrong with you offering multiple gigs. You get a good idea about what’s selling and what doesn’t. …not to mention, you get more exposure. Once you establish a bestseller you can pause or delete the gigs that aren’t selling.

Catchy images attract customers. If they click on your gig, you simply have to wow them with your work samples and gig description.

If the above is lacking, you will find it very hard to get orders.

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