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Not getting orders again


Hello guys, my fiverr acct wasn’t doing badly but all of a sudden, orders stopped coming. I have done several adjustments to meta tags, descriptions but still orders wont come. I even on my internet and log in to my fiverr just to appear online but nothing to show. The last order i got was last year august or so. Its frustrating. I am almost giving up on fiverr.

Pls i will like to know what can be done as i find this abnormal.

My acct is :



Are you taking the time to market and promote your services to the target customers that need them? The best way to gain orders is to appeal to those who need your services. And you’re probably going to have to do that in other places (wherever your customers are located).

Fiverr does not guarantee sales. You are going to have to earn them.


You have huge competition for the gigs you are selling and you haven’t proven anywhere why someone should work with you instead of another seller. You are selling things that hundreds of others sellers are selling, so there’s very little opportunity for your gig to even be discovered through even a search query, even if your account is optimized for the search engine.

Research your market and what they want, then develop your business based on that demand and that need. There’s no generic advice for this problem. You need to understand your market and change things from that point. Fiverr is just a tool. It can’t help you get sales if your business is flawed.


Sorry about that.

You need to get some traffic from outside

sources like Facebook, Instagram, and

other social media platforms.

Social media traffic will help boost your

social signal and increase your rate of

making sales.

I wish you the very best!